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Having been a guitarist for most of my musical life, I have had the privilege and pleasure of owning and playing some of the finest guitars for sale on the general market. Generally these guitars are expensive and more of a dream than a reality to most people so I thought it was about time I had a go at offering a range of guitars that are more friendly on the wallet but offer the look and feel of a high priced instrument.

As an artisan wood worker and crafter, I am fully aware that building any instrument is a learning curve as each piece of wood used behaves differently and is quite unique, so no two guitars are exactly the same, but this adds to the joy of owning a hand made instrument.

As the company grows, I will offer a larger range of guitars and maybe even offer a personalised custom service if requested. I hope that you agree that a handmade guitar at affordable prices is the way to go. Please be aware that all of the guitars are handmade with the exception of guitars that have been resurrected. These will  have been stripped down, repaired and refinished.

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Designing and making guitars is one thing, promoting and marketing is another. I design and make them, Jayne lets everybody know about them.