Revamping Classic British Guitars

I was recently asked if I did re-finishing of guitar bodies. Well I had to say yes, so I was presented with two 1960’s Vox bodies that were in need of a coat of paint or two. The first is a second generation Vox Ace guitar body which first appeared in the 1962 “Vox – The Choice of the Stars” catalog. This one is the dual pickup Vox Duotone guitar although I am not 100% sure. The owner of the body can confirm this or correct me.

The 1962 Vox Ace featured a ~25½” scale, two VI single coil Vox pickups with chrome covers, a three position pickup selector, a white, single-ply pickguard, the Vox DeLuxe tremolo arm system, a tone control and a volume control. The 1962 Ace guitar was offered in a low-gloss red or low-gloss sunburst finish. The 21 fret sycamore neck was topped with a rosewood fret board. Rather than offering an adjustable truss rod, the neck of the Ace guitar was reinforced with two embedded steel rods. Six open gear tuner keys mounted to an elongated head stock.

The first image is the Ace stripped back to the wood and showing previous repairs.

Undercoat applied.

Fiesta Red nitrocellulose paint and then a few coats of clear nitrocellulouse. now the hard bit, not touching it for a couple of weeks until it cures off properly.

The second body is a Vox Symphony Bass. First released in 1962 through to 1967, this was Vox’s answer to the Fender Precission bass. The same procedure as was used on Ace was also used on the Symphony.

There are two or three more coming if the owner is happy with these. Fingers crossed.

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